Friday, March 18, 2011

Decorative Balls

Remember my apothecary jar I made?

Well, I had big plans on just the use for it.

I found these yarn ornaments at Wal-Mart after Christmas.  They were 75% off, which brought them to costing 25 cents each.  Now, I'm not sure I would put these on my tree.  I actually thought they were cat toys at first. 

My room is purple and brown, so I used some purple spray paint to paint two of them purple.  Ok, so actually my dad painted them.  I was in the garage using his paint booth, and apparently was not doing it right.  So, he did it for me.  I think I will make sure to "do it wrong" from now on, so he'll do it for me. :)

The are kind of hard to see from the glare of the glass, but there are 2 purple ones and one brown.

I paid a dollar for the vase, a dollar for the candle stick, and 75 cents on the balls.  Not to shabby.

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