Saturday, February 4, 2012

Wedding DIY-Glitter Shoes

I would love to wear some wicked hot heels on my wedding day.

BUT, I have been told that I am allowed no heel of any kind.

Riley and I are about the same height (technically I think I am taller, but he won't admit it) and so he has asked that I wear the flattest shoe I can find.

I found these ballet flats on sale at target.

I used Martha Stewart glitter and Modge Podge to glitter up my shoes.

I think they are great for the wedding because red is one of my colors and I'm a Kansas girl so I get a little of the Wizard of Oz feel going on too :)


  1. I did this about twenty years ago for my special needs daughter for a prom. She made a beautiful "lady in red" and everyone adored her shoes. Congratulations on your wedding!

  2. These turned out really cute!! Great job Michelle!


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