Saturday, November 20, 2010

Scrapbook Area 1

I wanted to share my scrapbook area with you.  I am currently living back home, so this space is very limited.  My space is located in a little nook at the top of our stairs.  I have been reorganizing this area, so I will share it with you as I get it back in order.

Here is one of my many drawer organizers:

Glue and Tape Drawer

Cutting Tools Drawer

Ribbon Drawer
(This one needs some help.  Anybody have any good ideas on how to organize ribbon.  I don't want it out on rods, thats the only other way I have seen to organize it.)


  1. What about getting small rods and gluing them to the inside of a drawer just like the one you're already using. That way they are organized on a rod and easy to pull the ammount you want out, but still hidden in a drawer.

  2. Thanks for the idea! I actually have a huge box full of regular sized ribbon to organize too.

    I think the idea of it being out and on a rod is growing on me more and more. I have seen some pretty cute ones out there. My dad and I are working on designing and building one that will fit everything. I'll be sure to share it when we are finished.

  3. I use tiny tension rods (walmart or big lots) to keep the ribbon organized (rainbow colors) inside a 12x12 stroage keeps them all upright so i can see exactly what is in there and easily pull out what I need, the rods remove easily to reorder, remove, replace...and best of all, when I decide I want a different option, I won't feel bad about the minimal $ that went into my current system. I also have a standing papertowel holder (mickey mouse from my college days) that holds all of the 'seasonal' ribbons for whatever period I'm working on. That sits out on my desk and i change it out as I move on to new projects. Because I have kids (3 under 6) I'm very sporadic in my scrapping time and usually do marathon sessions once a month to update all of their albums. Being able to see what i have in the drawers but also keep what I need on the desk was a perfect compromise for me.

    BTW, love the snow man sanitizer. You should totally post more teacher-approved holiday gift crafts ASAP so I can steal your ideas for my oldest's K teacher this year.

    Love your blog so far. Keep it coming!

  4. This is an area I want to work on this year. I desperately need to organized all my paper and photos. For ribbon, why not use some clear canisters. That what I use and it's so pretty to look at.

    great job!


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