Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Gift Wrapping Organizations (part 2)

Hello blogger friends!

I shared my gift wrapping organization earlier here.

When I originally posted, I didn't have any organization system for my ribbon and bows. 
 (Unless you count shoving everything into a shoe box.)

Here is the before; basically just everything shoved into a shoebox.  Classy!

I put the ribbon that isn't on spools in this bead organizer.

I found this little beauty at Target for six bucks.

Ribbon in this one...

...and this one...

...and this one too.

And the last one for bows.

So much better than a shoe box!

The other thing I wanted to share was my wrapping paper storage.
Nothing too fancy here, they sell these babies everywhere.

I keep tape and scissors in the top part.

I have never paid full price for wrapping paper.  I think its foolish!
Just wait until after the holidays and get it cheap!

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  1. I'm so with you on paying full price for wrapping paper. I always wait for it to go on sale after Christmas then I buy up so And new Christmas stuff as well..

    I love how you went from a shoe box to what you have now...I need to find something like that for my Christmas stuff!!

  2. Love that container for all your ribbons it makes it so much easier when they're all stored together doesn't it. You'll be all organised for next Christmas!

  3. Great Post! I just created a gift wrap station for myself. come on over & check it out.

  4. This is so wonderful! Something about the container with the ribbon all wrapped so nice and pretty makes me smile big!

    Thanks for sharing another wonderful project! You are definitely an organizing queen!


  5. I love your blog! I love your creativity , one thing that popped into my head when I saw your bead holder for ribbon was you could drill a hole in the plastic and thread ribbon through for easy dispensing!


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