Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Coupon & Store Card Organization

I'm that girl in line ahead of you at the store. You know, the girl in front of you fumbling in her purse digging for coupons, store credit cards, punch cards, and gift cards. And, of course you always get stuck behind me. Don't you hate people like me? Cause I sure do!

In the past I have toyed with and tried several different solutions.

I have tried a paper envelope with coupons. It ends up trashed and I still have to dig around in my wallet for the store credit cards and punch cards.

I have tried those little expanding plastic coupon organizers. They are too bulky and I don't have that many coupons. Most of my coupons go with using my store credit cards. Which again, I still have to dig for in my wallet.

I even tried this little thing from Target, but it was extremely difficult to get things out of it.

My wallet usually doesn't close because it is full off crap, mostly my gillions of store credit cards. I refuse to get rid of them because they help my credit and I get coupons and points for having them.

Here is my solution:

I bought this business card file at Dollar Tree for $1.00! The slots are the perfect size for coupons and store credit cards. And better yet, now I can keep each store's stuff together.

Inside the front cover is a large pocket which is great for larger coupons.

I have my Old Navy credit card along with a reward card. They are together, and make for a easy shopping trip.

Victoria's Secrets coupons and credit card.

Target credit card on the left and Maurice's credit card and punch card on the right.

Staples rebate card and points card on the left and Finish Line points card on the right.

Food gift cards, coupons, and punch cards.

Other reward cards...

AND, now my wallet closes. My major credit cards, debit card, and driver's license are now the only cards in my wallet. I love it because they are the ones I use most and I don't have to dig through all my store credit cards.

I replaced the little front cover with a piece of scrapbook paper. Now it matches my purse!

It makes shopping even more enjoyable.

I can go into a store and all the coupons/punch cards/points cards/credit cards are all in one place :)


  1. What a fabulous and brilliant idea! I have the same exact issue with my wallet not closing/breaking because I have so much crap in there!

  2. came across your blog today and your Post is Awesome! Great idea, now if we had some way to keep them from expiring so soon...

  3. great idea! I love dollar tree too!!

    Tiffany, I blog over at


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