Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Etched Mug

The bf claims to hate the Dollar Tree, but I think he secretly loves it.
I drag him in there whenever I see one. Usually, he doesn't leave my side, just drags his feet and grumbles asking if I'm ready to go yet. However, recently he has been going off and finding treasures of his own. When we were there last time he stole the shopping cart from me, and came back with all kinds of stuff in it. One of my proudest moments :)

On our latest trip, I showed him this big mug. He immediately asked if I could etch something on it.
Ok, I was just kidding before, THIS was my proudest moment!

So, anyway I bought the mug and etched it for him.
I gave it to him as a part of his Valentine's Day gift.

Etching is really easy.
I cut out the John Deere emblem using my Cricut; slathered on some etching creme and Wah-La.

Easy Peasy.

It looks weird in this picture. It was probably still wet from washing the etching creme off.
No worries, it looks normal in real life.


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