Friday, February 4, 2011

Scrapbook Drawer Score!

I scored this awesome drawer for my scrapbook/craft room. 
It has a drawer full of dividers! 
 Eventually, I will have a wall of these little organizational beauties. 
There are all different kinds that this company makes, and they are are functional and amazing.

The only downfall, is that these are really expensive.  While I was at Michael's digging through 90% off Christmas stuff, I saw this.  It was originally $29.99, but marked down to $7.50. 
It was marked "Sold as Is" which is sometimes a deal breaker.

I took it up to the register and asked the cashier if she knew what was wrong with it.  She showed me the defective piece.  Just a little flaw/break thing on the INSIDE of the drawer. 
Meaning you can't see it, when the drawer is closed. 
And, its pretty far back on the side, so it really pretty unnoticeable.  I bet a little glue, vice and some white paint, would make it disappear!

I plan to get it fixed up and all filled up.  I'll share my use for it soon :)
I love good, cheap finds!


  1. Michelle, Thanks for visiting and commenting on my site.

    I love this! Sales are the best way to get stuff. I'm proud of you! I look forward to looking through the rest of your site.

  2. Lucky!! I love this deal! Post an update when you put all the goodies in it. ;)


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