Monday, February 21, 2011

Gift Wrapping Organization (part 3-final)

"Ugh, why is she organizing her gift wrapping stuff again?"

That's what your thinking, isn't it.

Ok, sorry if I am boring people out there, but I keep buying more Christmas wrapping stuff.  When its 75%, 80%, or even sometimes 90% off, I just can't help myself.

This is my final post of organizing my wrapping crap.

  If you missed the other posts, they can be found here:

Gift Wrapping Organization (part 1)
Gift Wrapping Organization (part 2)

Now, most things stayed the same.  I bought a bunch of bows really really cheap.
So, I bought a new container to store all my bows.

So the final rundown of my gift wrapping 
organization looks like this:

Rubbermaid zip-up for gift bags

Rubbermaid zip-up for boxes and tissue paper

Basic Wrapping Paper Container

Ribbon Storage (x 2)

Bow Storage

All the goods together :)

(For more detailed explanations, before and after pictures, and other crap please visit the links above for part 1 and part 2 of this organizational project.)


  1. Love all of your storage and organization!!

    PS - I gave you an award on my blog! Please go check it out, grab it, and pass it on if you'd like!! :)

  2. Where can I buy the Rubbermaid zip-up for gift bags.


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