Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

Kayla over at Small Town Life has awarded me a Stylish Blogger Award! Thanks Kayla; we Kansas girls have to stick together. I'm new at this award thing, but apparently you are suppose to tell 7 random things about yourself and then pass the award on. So here are 7 things...

1. I'm afraid of the dark. I have always been and probably always will be. When I am home alone, things just seem safer when 23 lights are on.

2. I'm addicted to shopping.
Sometimes I buy things I don't even need, just because they are on sale. I love shopping for clothes the most! I have seriously only paid full price for 2-4 things in my closet... and I have hundreds of tops.

3. I have ran 3 half marathons. Running became a stress reliever for me during my last few years in college. However, I had to give up running because I keep getting costochondritis. What is costochondritis? It is inflammation in the cartilage between my ribs and breastplate. Basically, it is unbelievably painful to breath. No bueno.

4. I sing in my car every morning on the way to work. I have a thirty minute drive to school, so I entertain myself by singing the entire way. I sing loud and horribly off tune; thank goodness there isn't much traffic on the highway.

5. My family doesn't know I have a blog. The only person that knows is the bf. I don't really know what I haven't told anybody, but its just nice to have a place of my own. Plus, I can post things I make for family and not have to wait until they have received it before I post.

6. I like to watch stupid reality shows. They are mindless and pointless, but many times make me feel better about myself.

7. I hate when people have to wait on me. I don't like to inconvenience people. When I went on vacation with my bf and his family, I always got up, showered, and was ready within an hour of waking up. I was always the first one ready and usually the only one not in pajamas at the breakfast table. It's not that I don't love lounging in my pjs, because I do! I just don't want anyone to have to wait on me to get ready to go somewhere.

I would like to award Kimbo from A Girl and A Glue Gun with the Stylish Blogger Award. Kimbo has a wonderful sense of humor and tons of great ideas. You should check her out :)


  1. oh...thanks so much! you are too sweet! I love myself some reality tv too!

  2. You're right...we Kansas girls have to stick together!!

    And I'm also with you on the being at home alone with all the lights on...I get a little creeped out!!


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