Wednesday, January 5, 2011

After Christmas Bargains

I love me some Hobby Lobby.  I love 80% off clearance even more.  Here's what I found...

100 yards of Red Christmas Tulle
Original Price:  $9.99 (each)
Sale Price:  $2.00 (each)

Red and Green Tissue Paper (44 sheets per pack)
Original Price:  $2.99
Sale Price:  $0.60

Christmas Ornaments
Original Price:  $9.99
Sale Price:  $2.00

Merry Christmas Glitter Sign
Original Price:  $7.99
Sale Price:  $1.60

Ready-to-Finish Wooden Snowman
Original Price:  $9.99
Sale Price:  $2.00

Wooden Christmas Thing-a-ma-bobs
Original Price:  $0.79 (each)
Sale Price:  $0.18 (each)

Ready-to-Finish Christmas Countdown
Original Price:  $8.99 (each)
Sale Price:  $1.80 (each)

I hit the jackpot while shopping yesterday.

The Victoria's Secret Semi-Annual Sale began!  Score!

The Bath and Body Semi-Annual Sale was still going on.  I found lots of things for 75% off.

Bed, Bath and Beyond has all their Christmas stuff 75% off.  They also have lots of things throughout the store that are 50% off.  

The small Toys 'R Us in the mall had certain toys marked down 70%.  I now have tons of presents for my little cousins, my niece, and my boyfriends nephew.

And of course all the Christmas stuff at Hobby Lobby was 80% off.  In the past, they haven't had much of a selection when I went after Christmas.  However, this year they had tons of stuff including trees, ornaments, wrapping paper, boxes, ribbon, bows, decor, etc.

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