Thursday, January 13, 2011

It's been a while...

It's been a while since my last post.  In fact, its been a while since I have created any crafts and other crap.  I was sick this weekend, which kept me in bed sleeping.  Then, we received 8 inches of snow which granted me 3 snow days!!  You would think I would have found some time for crafting or blogging in there somewhere, but I didn't.

During the snow storm, we brought our 2 year old beagles (Macy and Miley) in the house.  I gave them baths and we loved on them all day Monday.  Throughout the day, we let the dogs outside to do their business.  Well, in the afternoon, they took off for the woods.  We figured they would only be gone and little bit and come back.  Well, they didn't.  My parents took off on foot and searched for them in the woods- no luck.  When my parents returned, I drove around looking for them-no luck.  We let the police department know (small town, they are used to these kinds of things) and put out an alert over facebook- still no luck.  The windchill was -20 degrees that night and they were out in it.  The next day, Tuesday, we put an ad on the radio and I went out and looked several times.  We had a couple of ideas of where they might be, but had to wait for my dad to get off work because his 4-wheel drive truck was the only vehicle that could take us there.  Almost 25 hours after they had been lost, my parents found them.  My mom was so excited, she jumped out of the truck before it stopped.  She fell face first into two snow drifts trying to get to them, crying the whole time.  They were scared to death and freezing cold, but they were found!

I'm happy to say they are in our warm house now.  Macy is walking with a limp and seems to have a doggy cold, so she will be taking a visit to the vet.  Both Miley and Macy are exhausted and slept all evening and through the night.


  1. Such happy news to hear that they are safe and sound! I have never had a pet go missing and can't even imagine the heartache it would cause. Hope the vet visit goes well.

  2. Thanks so much. We had to give Miley some Pepto Bismol and we are suppose to watch Macy for possible signs of frost bite. They seem to be acting much more like themselves now. :)


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