Monday, January 3, 2011

Mudroom Makeover

So, I live with my parents (a little pathetic I know, but I like to refer to it as thrifty).  In my parents house, we have a mudroom.  Its also the room where our washer and dryer are located.  This room has also become home to sheet rock, tools, and other crap.  It is a completely disaster and drives me crazy. 

Today, both of my parents had to work and I was still home on Christmas Break.  So I spent a couple of hours getting things better organized.  I couldn't throw anything away because its not my stuff.  Believe me, if I could have thrown stuff away, this would have looked a million times better.

Now remember, I only worked about 2 hours and I couldn't get rid of anything.


The laundry area mostly just needed picking up.

I washed all my dad's hats and got rid of all the trash.


I cleaned up the washer and dryer.

I organized stuff in a basket to give things a neater, more organized look.


This shelf next to the freezer was a disaster.  In the before picture, a pile of shoes laid underneath a bunch of junk.  Now they are much more easy to get to.

This side of the room needed some help too.  The totes are mine and contain all my shoes.  All the crap on top was stuff that never found a home when I moved back into my parents house.  Further on down is an old tv stand.

Looking much better!

I used the old tv stand for storage.  I placed the two old tvs on the top, a tool box on one shelf and a box of paper on the other.

I left my dad's coveralls and coat on the hooks cause he would freak out and accuse somebody of stealing this stuff if I moved them.  Stacked on that trunk are the cushions to our outdoor chairs.

In this area, I just did some basic reorganization.

Another view of the entire room. 

 Cleaned up the shelf and lined up all the chairs together.

 Some extras...

These chairs were everywhere.  Now they are all in the same place and easy to get out when needed.

Boxes were stacked together and there was now room for the stroller to be moved down onto the ground instead on stacked on stuff.

I moved the dog cage over, cleaned it out, and put all the toys in a basket on top.
(We have 2 beagles.  They are outside dogs, but get to come inside when its really cold out.)

(We built our house about 12 years ago.  This room was never really finished which is why the walls are just sheet rock.  The floor is just concrete which is really cold, so we have that ugly most lovely carpet thrown on the floor.  Please excuse the white-trashness of the room.  The rest of our house is really much nicer.)

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  1. This looks awesome!! I bet your mom won't mind having you at home at all if you keep this up! LOL
    Love how you utilized the TV stand for storage!
    Great pictures.. Thanks for linking to my Organizing Mission Monday link party. Be sure to stop back often.

  2. That looks so great! you did a LOT in 2 hours!

  3. Wonderful job considering that you could not really do any decluttering. Now I wanna see all of the shoes...!

  4. Bravo!! A little elbow grease and organization really goes a long way. Hope it gives your parents the extra motivation to keep it up! Love when a few hours pays off!

  5. wow great job! looks awesome!!

  6. Wow, what a difference, I bet your parents were so shocked! Thank you for linking up with All About You Monday

  7. You did an amazing job. I bet your parents were thrilled. Thanks for linking to We're Organized Wednesday.

  8. That is totally inspiring! Great Job! Makes me want to start tackling my next project right now!

  9. I would be thrilled if my adult daughters helped organize my house rather than adding to the chaos! Can I send them to you for lessons? It looks AMAZING! Great job!

  10. Excellent work! Your family must be so proud and thankful, way to go girl!

  11. Great room, but seriously you need to run to the bookstore and READ-- HE IS JUST NOT THAT IN TO YOU!! 5 years and two kids, HE HAS A COMMITMENT PROBLEM-- SURELY YOUR PARENTS HAVE TOLD YOU THAT-- YOU ARE TOO NICE TO DEAL WITH THAT CRAP !! DUMP HIM NOW !!

  12. @ Anonymous,

    I appreciate your concern, but please let me explain my relationship. I'm 23 and he is younger than I am. We started dating in high school and since then have been dating long-distance. I'm under contract teaching and he is in college 3 hours away. We have been dating for 5 years, but neither of us have children (so, I'm not sure where the 2 kids info came from).

    He is the love of my life and treats me like a princess. (He just bought me a diamond promise ring for our 5 year anniversary! :) He did good too!) And to top it off, my parents love him; my dad even jokes that he loves him more than me.

    Thanks, but he's the one for this girl.

  13. What a great job!! I'm in on the 52 week challenge too :-)

  14. I'm sure your parents were thrilled! Stay with them and save your money as long as they will let you!! My youngest daughter is 23!

  15. @ allysgrandma

    Thanks! I'm trying to get all my student loans paid off and then build up the savings account. Plus, I think my mom secretly likes not having an empty nest :)


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