Friday, January 21, 2011

Duct Tape Creations

My little sister, Haley, loves making things out of duct tape. 
Here favorite things to make are wallets and hair bows. 
She even put up some pictures up and facebook and started taking orders. 

We live in a small town, and see her "products" all the time... in line at the grocery store ... at the local ice cream place... at sporting events.

She's away playing basketball at college, so her business has slowed down quite a bit.  However, I'm sure she will be coming up with other things to make out of duct tape.

Here most popular item is wallets.  She did them in a variety of colors. 
These are tri-fold, but she did bi-fold too.
(inside view)

(outside view)

She also makes these simple hair bows.
They are used by slipping a Bobbie pin underneath.

She also made anklets and bracelets by braiding rolled strips of duct tape.

Her friend, modeling an anklet.


  1. Like i said before I am from Australia and have never seen these before-look great-dee

  2. how do you make the wallets,braclets and bows?

  3. i suck at making the flowers...:)

  4. I can make ALL of those and even better but when I post it on fb ppl just say wow

  5. i cant view ur pics


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