Monday, January 31, 2011

Can of Love

I made the bf a cute gift.  Kinda girly, but hey, I like it.
I didn't spend any money because everything I had was on hand. 
It's super simple and makes a great gift for the special someone.

I used scrapbook paper, glue, and my cutting thingy for the first part of my project.

I typed up 14 things that I love about my bf.
The plan is that he can open one up starting February 1st until Valentine's Day.

(Note:  I realize the only thing you can read on #2 is, "I love how give me butt even after 5.." 
Please don't think I am some kind of weird freak, it says, 
"I love how you give me butterflies even after 5 years.)

I glued the little slips of paper to a pieces of scrapbook paper.

Then, I folded them up, like so.

I used one of those safe can openers (you know the ones that don't leave sharp edges) and cut the bottom off of a pop-top soup can.  Then I ate the soup.  It was good.

I stuffed in the little slips of paper with some of that easter grassy like stuff.

Then, I used Elmer's glue to glue on the lid. 
 I would have used super glue, but I couldn't find it.
The Elmer's glue wasn't really doing so well and I didn't feel like sitting there holding it until it dried.
So, I used a headband as a vise to secure it while it dried.

I placed scrapbook paper around the can and used ribbon as a border on the top and bottom.
For the label, I just layered some scrapbook paper and added white vinyl letters.

So when I give it to the bf, the will have to pop open the top and read one note each day.
I heart valentine's day <3


  1. First of all..... hooray for being a teacher. Second, I'm your newest follower. This project is super cute.

  2. What a cute idea, it is adorable. By the way I love your blog theme it is super cute.

  3. Hahaha! Those are cute! Thanks for linking up to Mad Skills Monday!

  4. This is sooooooo cute!! I am also a new blogger. thanks for visiting my page! I am going to follow you!!

  5. This is an awesome idea! You have such a great blog ;) I am already a follower ;)

  6. Totally adorable!! (I have that paper, love the $1 spot at Tarjay!!)


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